Open Ended

“Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.” – Wallace Stevens

To begin with, we have no choice but to ask ourselves that what is it that the human heart and soul longs for. What is this deep rooted longing that does not seem to go away; that lingers on and creates a throbbing rupture inside one’s very being? The closer we feel to the ‘ground of truth’, the more it seems to fade away, leaving our soul searching for unanswered questions. Questions fading away and leaving our existence in some ambiguous journey in which we are caught up in an endless void. In other words, that void is an ‘abyss’ in which we are just drowning with no tangible holds to hold onto. The more we try, the more it goes out of our grasp, making reality and, hence, truth seem like nothing but a mere illusion. So what is it that will ease the throbbing pain inside our beings?

A person who has gone out for a walk around the lake is someone who wants to ease his burdened and melancholic heart. He wants some answers from the world. He is lost and wants some dwelling to make his ‘home’; in that sense, he is in search of his home. He has lost the way to his home. Bewildered by the vastness of the lake, he is left in a half conscious state, where he no longer knows that the home which he is looking for , whether it is even his ‘real’ home or not? Now, the path that he was looking for itself has become murkier; it’s losing its quiddity and withering away into delusion. So how does he find his home? How does he put his restless soul to rest, when finally he is letting go of the long withheld crutches?

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