A tale, far from time


Mist in the sky Bereft of life in the eyes Flies death up high Into the blanket of the white Rests a castle for the demised

Animal Nightmare


Once upon a time 3 friends Alize, Smile and Efaaf were planning to go on a camping trip to an […]



Every day, without fail, he was able to break her heart. Every day. She was his wife who came from […]

Dancing Queen


Being in the spotlight had always been her desire. Ania Toor, 24 years of age, had everything but still nothing. […]

Open Ended

Momina Khan

“Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.” – Wallace Stevens To begin with, we have no choice […]

Unheard voices

Momina Khan

I woke up abruptly wondering what it was that had disturbed my slumber. As I looked around, I got a […]