Animal Nightmare

Once upon a time 3 friends Alize, Smile and Efaaf were planning to go on a camping trip to an unknown island which they saw on TV.

Many people on the TV, who had visited the island, were getting haunted by “ghosts of animals”. Alize suggested they go there as it was only a couple miles away. Efaaf agreed, but Smile was scared of ghosts and dark. Finally, they got Smile to go with them. They packed their essentials and went on the journey. When they reached there, “We finally made it, and it looks creepy”, exclaimed Alize. They went in to explore and find a good place to camp. Efaaf found a good place to camp on but behind it was a semetary of dead animals. Alize said to her friends, “Come, let’s see what’s in the semetary”. They were too scared to go there, but they did. This was the worst choice they made. Suddenly, Smile heard a rustling in the bushes and went to check but there was nothing. She was too late now and had lost Alize and Efaaf. She didn’t know where to find them. She went straight ahead for about 30 minutes but couldn’t find them anywhere.  She was too scared to do anything, so she made her way back to camp and hid in her tent. She fell asleep there and after some time, woke up to scary noises and a shadow. She didn’t know what they were. Smile unzipped the tent and saw to her suprise that it was a leopard but its half body was as if eaten. She didn’t know what to do as more and more animals were coming. Luckily, she had a big stick with her for protection. She went out of the tent but there were no animals as it was morning. She took a sigh of relief and saw that Alize and Efaaf were back. Alize asked Smile how she got here so quick. Smile said, “I was checking a bush but then I lost you guys.” Efaaf said that she was with them all the time. Smile was very confused as she didn’t know what to do. They kept arguing all day. Soon it was getting dark and there was thunder coming their way. Smile said, “Let’s all stay in one tent. It’s scary outside”. So they slept in one tent untill at 3 in the night when they heard chanting and dead animal noises. All of them went outside. Smile was in the lead bu, on the way to the semetary, Smile said, “Runnn!”. There were 3 leopards and a wolf running after them. Efaaf and Alize got back and heard screams, but it was too late for Smile as she was getting eaten up by the zombie animals that had no skin.

Alize said, “We are going back in the morning” and Efaaf said ok crying. When it was morning, they both headed back home and made it safely.

They missed Smile a lot and got huanted every night by the sounds of the animals and screaming of Smile.

They regretted going there even though they didn’t know what was ahead of them. Ever since then they got haunted by animal nightmares.

                                                                                                            THE END

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