A tale, far from time

Mist in the sky

Bereft of life in the eyes

Flies death up high 

Into the blanket of the white

Rests a castle for the demised

Collecting the souls from time to time

Left the Reaper dull and dry.

Till the morning hit the sky,

Making the water glitter so bright 

Blinded from the shine,

Falls the reaper into life.

Sways in a beauty fluttering through the time

Flirting with the wind, as her right

Sits on the shore with a smile 

Leaving the Reaper mesmerized

Drifted by glory of her sight,

He was sparkling in the light

Dancing the sudden ardors of youth

It was the time to take the life

But the Reaper had never felt so right.

The moment spun things around

Death has fallen in love, first time

Being has never felt this foul

Sits afar the grim of time

Regretting to serve his fate that night

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